What are Duccos?

Duccos are Polygon NFTs handcrafted for real people. We combined classic pixel animation with NFT random generation to create 10,000 unique friends on the blockchain. They're cute, but they're tough as nails and ready to fight for the freedom of the Duccos Republic to secure the Metaverse from the conquering Borg Apes.

Available on OpenSea

NFTs For All

Perfect for beginners just dipping their toes in the NFT space or for Web3 vets looking for an awesome project.

Easy Purchase

Available for simple, direct purchase on OpenSea with gas-free Polygon Ethereum. Read more on how to buy here.


The Duccos community come from all walks of life, centered around the core values of Freedom, Simplicity, and Fun.


No grinding for whitelists or spamming to join Duccos. We reward authentic engagement within our community.


Each Ducco is 100% unique. Made up of 112 traits in total, all of varying rarity:

  • 15 animated Backgrounds connected to the Ducco story

  • 26 Tops, including jackets, robes, and shirts

  • 15 Bottoms, including striped, checkers, and formal pants

  • 18 Items including weapons, paintbrushes, and lanterns

  • 22 types of Headgear like halos, caps, crowns

  • 10 Expressions and Miscellaneous attributes

  • 6 rare Pet companions, either cats or dogs

The Duccos Story

The Republic of Duccos lived peacefully among animalkind for centuries.

However, the Borg Apes led an effort to permanently alter all species living on Earth against their will. The Duccos refused to live under such tyranny. The story of how the Duccos attempt to save their Republic — and the world — is chronicled in the Duccos Dispatches.


How do you pronounce Duccos? It's pronounced "duck-ohs" ! Why are Duccos directly listed on OpenSea? I was inspired by a few other generative projects that listed directly on OS, and loved the easy, intuitive way I could just pick and choose which NFT I actually wanted. There are lots of other projects that follow a mint and reveal format, but I wanted to make acquiring Duccos as easy as possible for all! How did you make 10,000 Duccos? I made all the art for Duccos with Adobe Photoshop. I knew there were other pixel art apps out there like Aseprite, but I was already well-versed in PS, so that's the way I went! I was happy to learn about its frame animator tool, so I made all the backgrounds, clothes, and items on a 60x60 pixel canvas with 24 frames in my timeline. All in all, I made 1,300+ layers to create the 112 traits in Photoshop... whew! Who are Duccos for? Duccos are for beginners in the NFT space, as well as Web3 veterans looking for a unique project that doesn't follow the typical NFT framework. If you're into Web3, but don't want to spend all your time on Discord, on Twitter, or in front of the screen 24/7, we're the project for you. We promote natural living, real interaction, and a tech-forward mindset balanced with authentic humanity. Is this just another PFP (profile pic) project? While we encourage Duccos collectors to use their NFTs as their profile pictures, we're more than just a cool avatar for your socials. Our primary aim is establishing a community of like-minded individuals who care about our values of Freedom, Simplicity, and Fun. The world has become a crazy and chaotic place, and we're here to cultivate a network of folks who want to see humanity progress in a responsible way, without forgetting the traditional wisdom our modern culture seems so eager to throw away! To get a full picture of what we plan to deliver, check out our Roadmap. Are you planning on creating a game, 3D metaverse, breeding system, or something similar? While that could be fun, that's not what we're aiming at just yet. Our primary focus for now is creating a community that fosters real-world growth for our collectors. The metaverse is strange new place with all kinds of opportunity. So, we want to carve out a niche that balances natural humanity and technology. It's not healthy to be constantly in front of a screen, on Twitter 24/7, or playing games all day. We want you to live life in the real! Is the metadata for Duccos editable? Yes, the metadata for the Duccos collection is currently editable. We're doing this to allow for potential fun customizations in the future. We pledge to never edit the collection's inherent rarity levels, nor will we alter the image of the Ducco itself. What's the best way to display my Ducco? You can currently showcase your Ducco in full animated glory on OpenSea and Discord. Twitter's new NFT profile pics show as animated when you click on them. We believe that animated avatars and PFPs will be widespread in the very near future. For other platforms, feel free to screenshot your Ducco, or ask our team if you'd like a certain frame of your Ducco captured as a still image! Can I see your Smart Contract? Yes, find it on PolygonScan here. We used NiftyKit's DropKit service to create, deploy, and manage our smart contract!

Duccos NFT

NFTs For Real People

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