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Chapter 1: Coming Home Dispatch #001

OPSEC Grade: CLASSIFIED February 17th, 2322 Attention: Admiral Daryl Duckakis West Dabbling Airbase, Ducco Citadel Admiral, Tensions on the border are rising, as I’m sure you are already aware. The Borg Ape Empire’s scouts are constantly sending warning shots into the air. The Ducco Resistance forces are strong, but their morale is waning. We have 2,000 troops scattered throughout the Neutral Territory, but the Borgs are quickly outpacing our strategic placements. And, there’s already talk of the ceasefire agreement collapsing. We need reinforcements. ASAP. I am requesting a new Ducco Legion of 1,000 at the border. We need the cream of the crop here, no rookies. Send your best, and we’ll match with our best here. Respectfully, General Bill Blackduck

Beaming from the holovision, on the Channel 5 Evening News “‘Despite some minor clashes on the border, the Borg Ape Empire continues to honor the ceasefire, and we remain hopeful that crisis can and will be averted,’ President Paul Peckingson announced amid reports of 2 Ducco Republic officers wounded in a dispute. Next up: Tom with the weekend forecast!” “Well, that’s a relief,” Bob Pintail said. “You know, he’s full of it, right?” Betty Barbary shot back. “C’mon, Betty, don’t be so negative. We’ve been in ceasefire for months now. Why would the Apes want more war?” “You think they’ve given up? They want to turn us all into Borgs, just like them. They don’t want any Organics left on the continent.” “Here we go with your crazy theories again.” Bob got up to turn off the HV. “We gotta get up for school. We graduate in May, so let’s finish strong!” The next morning in Betty’s AP Global History class “Last week, we covered the development of nanotechnology and its impact on Ducco society. This week we’ll be looking at the origins of the First Ducco-Ape War and how it still affects us today. Can anyone tell me what event caused the war to break out?” Instructor Cal Downy asked. Kit Kaiya raised his hand. “Yes, Kit.” “The United Mammalian Nations issued the Great Evolution Proclamation (GEP),” Kit said. “Yes, and why was that a problem?” Betty raised her hand. “Go for it, Betty.” “The GEP said that all animalkind needed to integrate nanotech into their biology to make the next leap forward.” “What happened next?” Instructor Cal asked. “The Avian Conference disagreed with the GEP. One of the nanotech founders, a Ducco, Dr. Owen Oppenflapper, spoke out against the Integration,” Kit declared. “Dr. Owen said that Duccos, well, all of animalkind, should be very careful with Integration. That if we blindly marched forward, we wouldn’t be able to go back, and we might lose our animality in the process,” Betty explained. “Please don’t forget to raise your hands students,” Instructor Cal said. “What did the Apes do in response?” Betty raised her hand and was called on. “The Apes said that if the Avians didn’t adopt the GEP, that they would tax all nanotech imports into all Avian nations. They said that non-Integrated animals were a burden on civilized society, and that they would have to pay for it,” Betty said. “Sure, there was the tax, but the real deal was that the Apes started experimenting with even more advanced nanotech on other mammals. I heard they even removed their—” “That’s just speculation, Kit. We don’t know for sure that they actually did that,” Betty said. “What are you, some kind of Ape sympathizer?” Kit blasted back. “Students, please control—” “Ape sympathizer? My great-granddad died in the war.” “So what? Pretty much everyone’s did.” “I just want the truth, Kit.” “Okay, Borg lover.”

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