The Duccos Roadmap 1.0

Our roadmap isn't just our plans for the future. It's also the pathway of the story of the Duccos and how they endeavor to save their Republic from the Borg Ape takeover.

Quarter 1, 2022

Our roadmap is our guiding vision for the Duccos NFT project. We don't project too far out because the best laid plans of Duccos and mortals often go astray. Our aim is always to underpromise and overdeliver.

January / February

  • Launch website ✔️

  • Begin listing Duccos directly to OpenSea ✔️

  • Launch Roadmap 1.0 covering Q1 2022 ✔️

  • Initiate Duccos Narrative Dispatches ✔️

  • Launch Discord community

  • Engage community participation in crafting the Duccos Narrative

  • Create Duccos Signature Collection for custom designs (separate rarity from main collection)

  • Establish exclusive Ducco Citadel membership club for all holders


  • Launch Roadmap 2.0 covering Q2 - Q3 2022

  • Establish skill-share cooperative to exchange value among Duccos holders

  • Establish Constitution of the Republic of Duccos to create a shared vision of the project

  • Create initial merchandise collection, with giveaways for holders

  • Begin partnership outreach with other values-aligned NFT projects

  • Begin research to contribute to a Freedom-aligned charitable organization

Project Milestones

Phase I Raising The Ducco Legion (1,000 Duccos enlisted)

50 Duccos enlisted:

  • Customized Signature Ducco Giveaway

  • Signed prints shipped to current holders

100 Duccos enlisted:

  • ETH Giveaway

  • Council of 100 established: first dibs on project governance. Council members will have their Duccos appear on the Constitution as signers

  • Exclusive Discord channel created for Council

250 Duccos enlisted:

  • ETH & Custom Ducco Merch Giveaways

  • 1st Ducco Campaign Against Borg Apes

  • Exclusive prizes for successful missions

500 Duccos enlisted:

  • [Classified until 100 Duccos enlisted]

1,000 Duccos enlisted:

  • [Classified until 250 Duccos enlisted]

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